VIP Karaoke

Hotel provides 16 Karaoke rooms which has quality sound and lighting systems. We proud of serving the most modern Karaoke rooms in Tuyen Quang province.

Having individual and modern design features in Karaoke rooms. We constantly update and download news songs, remix, DJ... to serve for you. After hard working, That is a great space for singing, relaxing together. 

Specially, providing 2 public Karaoke rooms which you not only feel free to sing with friends strangers... but also do not pay free for singing room. You only have to pay for your choice drinkings.

          Group                         Price/h     
12 persons down  11$
12 - 20 persons12,5$
20 - 30 persons14$
30 persons up17,5$

You are welcome to use the karaoke room even if you are not staying at our hotel.

That's amazing service!